All FIFA World Cup Match Schedule With Group Stage Fixtures

Qatar VS Ecuador to kick off the FIFA World Cup 2022™ on 20 November. The FIFA World Cup 2022 will start with an even greater celebration for local and international fans as the hosting country Qatar will now play against Ecuador on Sunday 20 November at 19:00 as part of a stand-alone event. Below is the complete list.

Monday, November 21
Group A
Senegal?? VS Netherlands?? — Al Thumama Stadium (1pm)
Qatar?? VS Ecuador?? — Al Bayt Stadium (7pm)
Group B
England?? VS Iran?? — Khalifa International Stadium (4pm)
USA?? VS Wales/Scotland/Ukraine ??— Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium (10pm)
Tuesday, November 22
Group C
Argentina?? VS Saudi Arabia?? — Lusail Stadium (1pm)
Mexico?? VS Poland?? — Stadium 974 (7pm)
Group D
Denmark?? VS Tunisia?? — Education City Stadium (4pm)
France?? VS Peru/UAE/Australia?? — Al Janoub Stadium (10pm)
Wednesday, November 23
Group E
Germany?? VS Japan?? — Khalifa International Stadium (4pm)
Spain?? VS Costa Rica/New Zealand?? — Al Thumama Stadium (7pm)
Group F
Morocco?? VS Croatia?? — Al Bayt Stadium (1pm)
Belgium?? VS Canada?? — Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, (10pm)
Thursday, November 24
Group G
Switzerland?? VS Cameroon?? — Al Janoub Stadium (1pm)
Brazil?? VS Serbia?? — Lusail Stadium (10pm)
Group H
Uruguay?? VS South Korea?? — Education City Stadium (4pm)
Portugal?? VS Ghana?? — Stadium 974 (7pm)
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Friday, November 25
Group A
Qatar?? VS Senegal?? — Al Thumama Stadium (4pm)
the Netherlands?? VS Ecuador?? — Khalifa International Stadium (7pm)
Group B
Wales/Scotland/Ukraine?? VS Iran?? — Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium (1pm)
England??  VS USA?? — Al Bayt Stadium, (10pm)
Saturday, November 26
Group C
Poland?? VS Saudi Arabia?? — Education City Stadium (4pm)
Argentina?? VS Mexico?? — Lusail Stadium (10pm)
Group D
Tunisia?? VS Peru/UAE/Australia?? — Al Janoub Stadium (1pm)
France?? VS Denmark?? — Stadium 974 (7pm)
Sunday, November 27
Group E
Japan?? VS Costa Rica??/New Zealand?? — Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium (1pm)
Spain?? VS Germany?? — Al Bayt Stadium (10pm)
Group F
Belgium?? VS Morocco?? — Al Thumama Stadium (4pm)
Croatia?? VS Canada?? — Khalifa International Stadium (7pm)
Monday, November 28
Group G
Cameroon?? VS Serbia?? — Al Janoub Stadium (1pm)
Brazil?? VS Switzerland?? — Stadium 974 (7pm)
Group H
South Korea?? VS Ghana?? — Education City Stadium (4pm)
Portugal?? VS Uruguay?? — Lusail Stadium (10pm)

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Tuesday, November 29
Group A
Netherlands?? VS Qatar?? — Al Bayt Stadium (7pm)
Ecuador?? VS Senegal?? — Khalifa International Stadium (7pm)
Group B
Iran?? VS USA ??— Al Thumama Stadium (10pm)
Wales/Scotland/Ukraine?? VS England?? — Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium (10pm)
Wednesday, November 30
Group C
Poland?? VS Argentina?? — Stadium 974 (10pm)
Saudi Arabia?? VS Mexico?? — Lusail Stadium (10pm)
Group D
Peru/UAE/Australia?? VS Denmark?? — Al Janoub Stadium (7pm)
Tunisia?? VS France?? — Education City Stadium (7pm)
Thursday, December 1
Group E
Japan?? VS Spain?? — Khalifa International Stadium (10pm)
Costa Rica/New Zealand ?? VS Germany?? — Al Bayt Stadium (10pm)
Group F
Croatia?? VS Belgium?? — Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium (7pm)
Canada?? VS Morocco?? — Al Thumama Stadium (7pm)
Friday, December 2
Group G
Serbia?? VS Switzerland?? — Stadium 974 (10pm)
Cameroon?? VS Brazil?? — Lusail Stadium (10pm)
Group H
Ghana?? VS Uruguay?? — Al Janoub Stadium (7pm)
South Korea?? VS Portugal?? — Education City Stadium (7pm)
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Round of 16
Saturday, December 3
Match 49 — Group A winner VS Group B runner-up — Khalifa International Stadium (7pm)
Match 50 — Group C winner VS Group D runner-up — Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium (10pm)
Sunday, December 4
Match 51 — Group B winner VS Group A runner-up — Al Bayt Stadium (10pm)
Match 52 — Group D winner VS Group C runner-up — Al Thumama Stadium (7pm)
Monday, December 5
Match 53 — Group E winner VS Group F runner-up — Al Janoub Stadium, (7pm)
Match 54 — Group G winner VS Group H runner-up — Stadium 947, (10pm)
Tuesday, December 6
Match 55 — Group F winner VS Group E runner-up — Education City Stadium (7pm)
Match 56 — Group H winner VS Group G runner-up — Lusail Stadium (10pm)

Quarter finals
Friday, December 9
Match 57 — Match 49 winner VS Match 50 winner — Lusail Stadium (10pm)
Match 58 — Match 53 winner VS Match 54 winner — Education City Stadium (7pm)
Saturday, December 10
Match 59 — Match 51 winner VS Match 52 winner — Al Bayt Stadium (10pm)
Match 60 — Match 55 winner VS Match 56 winner — Al Thumama Stadium (7pm)
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Tuesday, December 13
Match 61 — Match 57 winner VS Match 58 winner — Lusail Stadium (10pm)
Wednesday, December 14
Match 62 — Match 59 winner VS Match 60 winner — Al Bayt Stadium (10pm)

Third-place play-off
Saturday, December 17
Match 63 — Khalifa International Stadium (7pm)
World Cup Final
Sunday, December 18
Match 64 — Lusail Stadium (7pm)

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