How to Bet on LIV Golf: Where to Bet and Watch Golf’s Newest Tour

LIV Golf Tournament officially begins this weekend outside London. While the PGA Tour flies to Canada to prepare for the U.S. Open next week, the golf industry prepares to be rocked by the LIV Golf Tournament.

It has already signed Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson, Sergio Garcia, Patrick Reed, and Bryson DeChambeau, and plans to recruit more prominent names.

If you love golf, here is how to make money betting on LIV golf.

You must know the format of the event in order to bet on it.

The Format of LIV Golf

Only 48 golfers will participate in LIV Golf tournaments. It starts with a shotgun start, which means that all 48 balls will go off on different holes at the same time. LIV Golf competitions will feature simply three rounds of 54 holes and no cut, which means that every player will participate in all three days of the competition.

The summer series consists of eight separate matches. A 54-hole stroke play format will be used for the first seven events, with a matchplay knockout format for the final event.

Senior man on golf course driving golf cart at sunrise

Each competition has an individual prize pool and a team reward pool. Each tournament features 48 players divided into 12 teams of 4.

The snake draft is used by the 12 captains to pick their teams. This is a look at who will be competing in the first event, which will be held in London.

Where Can You Place Bets For LIV Golf?

Accordingly, sportsbooks faced difficulty in getting state licenses in time to offer odds for their initial event.

The largest problem was the absence of a regulating body, which LIV has now addressed.

DraftKings, FanDuel, and PointsBet all have odds for the London event, but not all of them were available to bet on in all states.

In Arizona, Connecticut, Wyoming, Oregon, and Illinois, DraftKings offers LIV Golf.

In Colorado, MaximBet was the only sportsbook to provide pre-London odds.

The books have stated that the state regulators and gaming commissioners will have the last say on what they sell.

There is a good chance that every state will allow betting on LIV Golf, but it is not certain. Bets on Russian sports were banned after Russia invaded Ukraine, setting a precedent for restricting sports bets for political reasons.

There is a chance that major bookmakers in all jurisdictions where gambling on golf is permitted may provide LIV Golf betting options soon.

Best Betting Strategy for LIV Golf Tour

There will be virtually little difference in betting approach from betting on the PGA Tour. There will be a threshold of clear odds and matchups. The number of betting options on LIV will increase as the platform develops, such as first-round leader, top 10, top 20, and so on. For the first week, there weren’t many of those ones available.

Keep in mind that there are just 54 holes instead of 72, which normally results in a greater degree of randomness. There is a better chance of a victory for the best players the more holes they play.

In addition, there is the issue of teams. For the team tournament, PointsBet has provided odds, which are expected to be accessible on a weekly basis. Finding an advantage may be the most challenging task. A total of four teams compete in LIV, with the top two teams from each day earning a chance to move on to the championship round. It might get a little random.

Where can I watch LIV Golf Tour?

During the LIV Golf Invitational Series, each round will be streamed on LIV’s website, YouTube, and Facebook.

LIV Golf is not likely to secure an agreement with a US broadcaster anytime soon, and it is scheduled to be streamed for the duration of the first season.

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